arrrgghhh #$%^&*()!

Should I just assume that the block (oil pan) is wacked now and I need to tap and re-thread?

As I was putting in one of the three filter cover screws ( AS Cycles Fiche )
I felt that tug of resistance ("dude, something's wrong here")
I backed it up a bit and then powered through ("hmm... what was that? maybe it's ok")
But as I tightened it, a thread stripped (on the screw) and it spun.
I took it (stripped screw) out
Put in one of the good ones, very carefully, and did not crank it, just hand tight (or less even)
I will wait until I have a few extras before I really crank it

Also, do ya'll use a torque wrench (to 7ft lb) on these or just go a little over hand tight with a socket wrench?