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Thread: Need a new bike....had an RT considering a 1600

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    I had a K1200GT that I loved. I was in an accident and they totaled the bike. I picked up a new K1600GTL and did not like it as much as the K1200GT. I replaced the original seat with a Corbin Seat and it feels great. Just like the K1200Gt.

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    It's been decided

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the input everyone. I've made it home from the hospital, can almost walk....and the big unveil happened in Milan of the new RT.....

    Dang it...seems one of the pics nabbed me. It looks good...somethings not liking on the look....but most I am really liking. The geometry looks good and I like some of the new options.....needless to say. My deposit is in and a new loaded Quartz Blue 2014 RT is currently in the que to be built for lil ole me. I may have the first one here..... wahoo....

    I am pretty pumped to hop on it. Ordered it with the higher seat and all the options. I feel that is better for value retention later. I was very presently surprised with the payout of my 2008 RT .... it sadly didn't do as well as me in the crash (not that I did that great shattered ankle, busted and dislocated other foot, several broke ribs, two fingers broke, both knees torn mcl's and an acl, punctured lung, cut liver, some road rash and a kick in the knarlies to the pride LOL). Hard to engineer in 600 feet of violent bouncing in the design I guess (gps tracked it and yup it bounced for 600 another 20 yards lol). Witnesses said it was pretty spectacular. Ah well that is all done I am looking forward to being healed up and hopping on me new ride.

    Thanks again for the input all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMSimon View Post
    You guys with that opinion are a rather small group. If I consider my own experience and that of basically every motorjournalist and tester out there, there is no way I can agree with that. Yes, the K16 is rather heavy, but that weight totally vanishes once it is rolling. I am doing things with my GT, two-up,
    that I can not do with any other bike I ride or ever rode two-up, including the latest R1200RT.
    Have you done any track days at Nelson Ledges on the big K? Just kidding
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncsonderman View Post
    Have you done any track days at Nelson Ledges on the big K? Just kidding
    Not a track day, but I've done a lap on the Indy MotoGP track on mine - was a major hoot. Felt like my elbow was dragging, but bet photos would show I was almost vertical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncsonderman View Post
    Have you done any track days at Nelson Ledges on the big K? Just kidding
    If I would take it to a track, it would be Mid-Ohio, which I prefer over Nelson Ledges. That being said, I have to add that I have no desire to take the K16 to a track day. I have several other bikes that are always in line ahead of the GT for an activity like that. If you read my post again, my positive comments about the K16 were made regarding two-up riding
    Track days can have a variety of purposes:
    - you get to know your bike better in a controlled environment and learn how it reacts when you approach the limits of the equipment and your skills
    - you hone your skills as far as turning, breaking and accelerating is concerned - you can do this on a school bike
    - you get additional practice time for a specific track before a club race
    - you satisfy your need for going fast and you do this in a realtively safe way without public traffic or the police interfering.

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