Discovered this weekend that I had a fuel leak on the left upper side of the tank at the Quick Disconnect on my 07 R1200GSA. Appears to be some cracking around that area. Did not discover the issue until I got a fuel warning light and I decided to bring the GSA home directly. I noticed the leaking fuel after placing it on its side stand. Very scary as the fuel was leaking (steady stream) directly onto a hot exhaust pipe. Quickly turned a water hose on the pipe to cool down and got out the fire extinguisher as a precaution. Fortunately, no fire. I noticed that this has been an issue for others as well, but no recall for this problem has been issued by BMW. The GSA is in the shop for repair and it looks like it is an expensive fix. Does not make me happy. Glad I was not on a long distance ride or out in the desert trails. Anyone else having this problems?