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Thread: 2 Person Tent Suggestions

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    I purchased a used Redverz tent off this site a few months ago, although I have yet to use it. I set the tent up in my LR on a rainy day and was surprised by it's size.

    By way of reference that is a 55" TV on the wall. It does not pack small, if there is interest I will take and post a pic of it packed on my bike.

    I have camped off the bike using my 2 man back packing MSR tent and found it to be really cramped even traveling 1 up with my gear, especially if it is raining.

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    2person tent

    +1on 3 person tent.

    Try the Nemo brand. The 3 person tent, entitled Nemo Losi rolls up into its own pack that fits neatly on the rack on my Givi Topcase. What's even better is that it uses its own straps to tied own and is waterproof to boot. Plus it's a great tent.

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    The types, sizes, and cost of tents are mind boggling, the options are so wide ranging.
    From your asking, I might guess or assume you are totally open to suggestions, and might not know exactly which way to go with a tent choice.

    If I may suggest it, you might consider what kind of weather you are willing to put up with before purchasing a tent. I personally wouldn't be put off by weather- I've even camped in a Hurricane! SO, one of my top priorities is having my packable home-away-from-home be as completely water/weatherproof as it can possibly be. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost...

    BUT you can get a really pretty darn weather resistant tent for less, sometimes a LOT less.

    For a reasonably well constructed, weather resistant, and easy to set up tent, I suggest a 3, 3&1/2, or 4 season backpacking tent made by a reputable outdoor goods manufacturer. I, too, wouldn't buy anything smaller than a 3 person tent. Get one with TWO vestibules- one large one, and a smaller vestibule "out back", for maximum storage options.

    For the biggest bang for your buck, look for a sale, a close-out, or a re-sale. OR save your money and get enough $$$ to just buy an awesome and weatherproof tent.

    I myself often buy gear online from Sierra Trading Post.

    FWIW, I have a 3 person Marmot tent, and a 2 person Sierra Designs tent. The latter is too small for two people, BUT has 2 equally sized vestibules which allows for increased storage options, when I am out solo. It is technically a 3 season tent- but has a mesh top... I reserve it for strictly summer use.

    I am currently scouring the web for a bigger, 4 person tent. I would love to have one with a HUGE, porch style vestibule on one end, similar to those I have seen in Europe and England. But here in the U.S., they are hard to find, and expensive when you do find them. The best and most expensive tents I've seen are North Face, Hilleberg, MSR, Mountain Hardware- companies such as these.

    Here is a pretty comprehensive 24 tent review that has many - and more- of the tent companies I'm looking at right now. Admittedly these are all smaller 4 season tents, but all are expedition grade. However, one benefit of this review is side-by side comparisons of features and companies. From here, you may choose to look at other options from the various companies presented.
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    [ My wife and I have had many tents ranging from a 2 person Eureka Apex to a REI TAJ3 and others to the tent we have and love now, the Big Agnes King Creek 4. We love having the extra room and it is not that much larger packed. I'm 66 and my wife is 62. We camp a lot and find the extra room much better for storing equipment, dressing and just sleeping. We love it and will never go back to the others. The King Creek 4 is a real quality product.

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    I use a 3 person Marmot with 2 entrances and vestibules just for me and my gear and there is no spare space once I've removed stuff from the bike to inside the tent.
    A taller 4 person would be minimal for 2 people if staying in one place for a while and you want to get your stuff off the bike and into the tent- so you don't have to head outside to get extra clothes if it gets cold and rainy. Bigger yet would be better.
    You will want to store boots and similar outside and out of the rain (except maybe where scorpions and nasty snakes are common but maybe even then- you can always shake the boot out) unless you really like cleaning the inside of a tent. So covered vestibules need to be large enough and protective enough.
    Some designs aren't very wind resistant- bottom line is any tent worth owning has to be solid to at least 45 mph or it risks being torn out or damaged in the first serious thunderstorm. I've used mine at velocities around that with no issues at all but I also carry better pegs in 2 styles and always set up all, not an abbreviated version as some do with other tents.
    A separate layer rain fly works best at ensuring water doesn't penetrate but needs to go low enough to the ground and far enough over any edges of a taller tent so wind doesn't drive water inside. Also look for a deep "tub"- no seams at ground level that will encourage water wicking as the tent ages. Tents can get hot and humid inside quickly in the SE in summer- good ventilation matters but it also has to be weatherproof in wind - being able to ventilate even while closed against rain matters a bunch if you're stuck in the tent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommcgee View Post
    Yeah, he's really overkill, eh? Hope to see you both in NS next year!
    Hey Tom,

    Salty Fog is on my calendar for sure.

    I'm hoping Paul will go as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_F View Post
    Maybe Bud, but that 3 person Big Agnus tent, along with other camping items, packed into my left case, clothes were in the right, and the camera (and a spare shock) were in the top box. Not really a lot, but when I unpack, yes, it does seem like a lot of stuff.

    Now when I'm going to spend decent amount of time in one location, I take "my house tent". It is an English tent, a Wynnster Monaco 4, similar in size and setup, but lower than the Redverz tent. It has a large "mud" room, which leaves the actual sleeping area very tidy.
    In Paul's defense, he is much more organize than I am. I tend to pile stuff up and then whine when I can not find something. Paul has room enough for a place for everything and everything in it's place.

    But he is a lot of fun to ride and camp with, even leaving his home in CA in a snow storm just to come to S. Illinois.

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    One Feature to Consider

    I have three tents that I use, each having it's own purpose. For overnight stops, a 2 man Eureka, which feels like a cramped coffin, works well and packs at about 3 or 4 pounds. The three man Big Agnus, weighing in about 5 or 6 pounds, is good for a weekend stay, and also packs small. The week long campsite requires the Wynnster Monaco 4, weighs in at about 15 pounds, provides lots of space and on occasion, I've packed it in the GIVI top box (with space left over).

    The first two have the same major disadvantage; neither can be erected in the rain without getting the tent's interior wet because of the tents' mesh walls, which have to be erected before placing the fly over top. However, the Wynnstar fly is erected before the actual tent, thus enabling one to assembly the complete setup in the rain, with the tent interior remaining perfectly dry.

    When one day I go shopping for my fourth tent, it must have the feature of being able be to assembled in the rain, while keeping the tent's interior dry.
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    Kelty Gunnison 2-

    Large enough for 2 to sleep comfortably w/some room for gear at end (clothes & personal items)
    2 doors/entrances for easy access without climbing over your buddy
    2 nice sized vestibules to store the gear that won't fit inside
    Good quality 3 season tent at a reasonable price- less than $150.00

    Easy 2 pole set up w/clips- freestanding, gear loft and pockets on each end for wallet, glasses, etc..
    Sets up in about 10 minutes

    The only change I have made it to add stronger pegs

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    I will 2nd Eureka. I have a mountain pass 2, and it is a snap to put up. I just got done traveling for a week with a couple other riders and they had some high tech Big Agnes tents, I had mine set up before they could assemble the poles for theirs, and the sae coming down, done in a couple minutes, tops.
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    I bought a Redverz tent at the Sedalia Rally. I travel solo but like the extra room this tent provides and I can stand up in it. The large vestibule allows me to set up a Kermit chair and table and use my small stove in inclement weather. The tent packs into a bag 9" in diameter and 22" in length poles and all.

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