I just called and spoke with a Shelly at the Lima Chamber of Commerce.

I am a really easy going kind of guy and was just calling to ask if she could recommend an Italian restaurant for a small group dinner.
She told me that there would be information available at the check-in.
I told her that I was trying to make reservations in advance as I was going on the road today.

Then she said that the "BMW" people calling in are all in a hurry and cannot wait and accused me of having the same attitude. She also stated that she had dealt with GoldWing people for functions and that they all treated her like a sweetheart. I explained that our group is every bit as nice and cordial as any other group. She said I didn't need to have an attitude?????

I immediately asked her what I had done to offend her and that I felt in no way that I had any kind of attitude. She said that we just were not as nice as the Goldwing peope.
I said " If you cannot be bothered to help me than I am sorry you feel that way" and I hung up.

This really pissed me off. I'll still be coming to the rally, but I sure won't give the time of day to any Chamber of Commerce people.
Maybe she was having a bad day...but if that is the case she should not have a position dealing with people.

I sure hope the rest of the city isn't like her.

Had to vent,