Paul Glaves wrote in the "K" bike MOA issue about "classic K bike starters"

It sure looks easy when reading how Paul did it.

I happen to have a spare starter and was curious to try it myself.

Here's how it went:

Removed the (2) screws - one came out easy and needed my impact driver to remove the other.

Marked top cap and canister with sharpee marker.

Removed unit and there was a good amount of black dust residue at the bottom from the brushes.

Overall looked pretty good - brushes are like new.

Putting it back together again was tricky but I did it. I had to make sure the holes lined up at the bottom and align the canister with super strong magnets just right so I could get the (2) long screws back in.

After several attempts, I did it. Tested it with a 12V charger and starter spins.

Again, Paul sure made it sound super easy - wasn't super hard but had to pay attention!

Thanks, Paul!