Beginning the process of researching to buy an airhead. At 61 after raising a family and paying for 2 colleges I'm ready to return to riding. Half the fun is seeing the resources that are here and elsewhere. While there's a lot of info on the mechanical side of things I see less about "sizing" so here's my question.

At 6'3", 220 lbs I don't think I'm likely to find an airhead that's "too big". But, what's likely to be too small? I see some discussion of "inseam" as a measurement of seat to ground as measure of the rider's ability to straddle the bike with feet flat on the ground. Are their airheads where my 35" inseam would result in a bike that's too small? I also see some discussion of seat and handlebar adjustment....which models/years have this feature "built-in" (if any)?

Finally, as to riding position, I frankly don't envision a "laying forward" position as comfortable. I've seen a couple of 74-76 R90s bikes that look beautiful but without yet taking one out for a ride I wonder if the low faring and shorter, lower bars means the riding position is meant to be leaning forward.

Since I suspect most of my riding will be weekend type trips I wonder if a fairing is even needed. I frankly like the "naked" look and it would store easier in my garage.

Although the friends I rode with back in the day had BMW 900's and 750's, the bike I owned and enjoyed for years was an 81 Honda CB900Custom. Here were the specs on that bike for size comparison:

Thanks in advance for all input. I'm looking forward to my first airhead.

Randy in Florida