Over the past 20 years we've spent many days riding and staying at various locations in West Virginia.

Many of you are familiar with the region. Canaan Valley, Snowshoe, Cass, Marlinton and points North, South, East & West.

We just came home from there this weekend and I've got to tell you that it's depressing, from a tourism/services standpoint.

Many of our favorite places are gone or simply falling into disrepair!

The Hermitage Motel in Durbin, Closed. Boyer Station Motel & Campground, restaurant closed, motel rooms way past WV tacky. Ryders Gas station & restaurant down the road closed. The Inn at Snowshoe, at the bottom of the mtn. on Rt. 66. Many years past needing an update, limited services at the bar, no full service restaurant on site......
Marlinton Motor Inn, same..........past due on a renovation leaning towards "I'm not staying there Honey"!
We stayed at the Brazenhead Inn this past weekend and they've got problems too.................

Ok, this is the campfire section of the forum. Any of you experiencing the same when you're in West Virginia.