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Thread: Float or strip on 2013 and 2014 R1200R?

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    Float or strip on 2013 and 2014 R1200R?

    There have been some posts on other forums from members looking to purchase a new r1200r who state they have been "told by the mechanic" that the 2013 and 2014 R1200R s, ie NOT RTs or GS s, now have a float and no longer have the fuel strip.
    I spoke with BMWNA earlier in the year about this very issue and was told that "maybe in 2014" that the RR would lose the strip and get a float and maybe not.

    Anyone know with certainty?

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    Actually - it's very doubtful if REALOEM has any 2014 parts database in place since the dealers are just seeing a few new waterheads, and no 2014 R1200R has been released.

    ALL the current R1200R's use the fuel strip, including the 2013 model year. And they continue to fail, including the 2013 model year. That's the bad news. The good news is - the R1200R has not gone to the new Japanese style switchgear - it continues to use the traditional, and reliable BMW style gear. Considering the number of reported failures of the new switchgear that I've seen, to me this is a big plus for the R12R. I can do without the fuel strip when it's broken (and waiting to be replaced under perpetual warranty) - but I'd be bothered a lot if my blinker switches stopped working, or hi/low-beam control doesn't control anything.

    If I had to guess - my WAG is the 2014 R12R will continue using the fuel strip. It's unlikely BMW will make a major change to the bike in the last year of production. They might change a few stripes and colors - but electrically/mechanically I'd expect it to be the same as the 2013 model.. so if you can find a honking deal on a leftover '13, grab it.
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    I've written to customer service BMWNA and will post their response.

    And, yes, I agree on the switch gear issue. Last time I was at my dealer even one of the sales people didn't know whether the fuel strip was gone or not on the 13. All you have to do is look down the filler tube and there it is.

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    Heard from Motorrad.
    Thank you for contacting BMW Motorrad USA regarding the BMW R 1200 R.

    Unfortunately, we have limited technical information at this location. The sales team at your local Motorrad dealer is in the best position to discuss available features on our new models. Should you need it, a list of our authorized BMW Motorrad dealers can be found on our website:, under the "Find a dealer" link.

    went to the German site, Production division and posted same question. Will update when I hear.

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