One more reason of many this is the least favorite bike in the fleet.
Today went to take it to the local Harley shop for an inspection and its shift indicator malfunctioned due to cold right near freezing- so not all that cold.
At first, I couldn't get a true neutral displayed. After getting it going and warmed up, it then displayed second when in true neutral- which of course kills the motor as soon as the stand goes down. Rideable but a nuisance.
Maybe it will return to functioning by spring. If not I guess I'll get to repair it.
Just one more of the many mis-designs and foibles of this model. The last a few months ago was a sticking switch on the lever for the whizzie brake- which wanted to keep the motor running permanently. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's what destroys a few of the brake units.
Not to mention that the thing has the clunkiest tranny of any bike I've ever ridden- should be an embarrassment to its makers though Getrag quality is so uneven I doubt they get embarrassed by anything- having made everything from truly excellent manual for cages to the piece of junk in the K. Its so bad in the cold it feels like it is trying to throw a shaft up through the fuel tank on every shift.

A neutral light is always nice but an actual gear indicator is a superfluous and worthless device when it is provided with an interlock that interferes with riding when it malfunctions. Another not very well thought out idea by German engineers- interlocks installed should be bulletproof.