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Thread: Great Emergency Service From Memphis TN BMW (Performance Plus)

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    Great Emergency Service From Memphis TN BMW (Performance Plus)

    Last weekend, I got stranded in a small town in Arkansas due to contaminated fuel (see separate thread about fuel contamination). After a four hour tow to the closest dealership in Memphis, TN on Sunday night and a day wait for the dealer to open, I was back on the road within a few hours.

    Performance Plus' Service Manager, Marvin, did a great job of reshuffling his maintenance schedule, troubleshooting the problem, and fixing it. He also charged me a very reasonable fee for the service. Thanks Marvin.

    If you are in the Memphis area, I would highly recommend this dealer to others.


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    Always good to hear about a shop that goes out of their way to help out someone who is on the road.
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    It's good to here compliments given to the BMW dealer in Memphis, Tn. From what I was told the Siano brothers showed up to the RAMS Rally and brought a lot of items to be given away as prizes at the rally. Many thanks to the Siano family and all the nembers of Performance Plus for their help and contributions.

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