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Thread: New GSA Rider question about shifting - '13 R1200GSA

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    New GSA Rider question about shifting - '13 R1200GSA

    I just got my first BMW 2013 GSA and I have had it about a week. When I was riding today I was having a hard time finding 1st gear from neutral after coming to a stop at a red light etc. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or if its me and I just need to get used to the bike. I have about 100 miles on it right now.
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    Common issue among new beemer riders. When you pull in the clutch the transmission stops spinning. The beemer setup with dry clutch and separate transmission stops spinning sooner than many other bikes. Unless it happens stop in exactly the right spot the shift dogs won't align and you won't be able to get the bike into first. The solution is simple... don't give the transmission a chance to stop before shifting into first. Pull in the clutch and near simultaneously depress the shift lever. It will soon become habit.

    Until it becomes habit you can easily get the bike into first by lightly feathering the clutch as you gently depress the shift lever. Once the bike slips into gear you can pull the clutch in again... or give it more gas and take off.

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    An alternative to easing out the clutch as you shift into first is to roll the bike as you shift into first. It does not matter if things turn from the engine end or the wheel end. It will shift into first easily as long as something is turning.
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    Double clutch while in neutral, works every time. Over the last 3 years, this has been so ingrained that I do not even think about it anymore. Pull clutch, let it out, pull again and shift to first.
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