Maryland riders, I need some support!

In about 10 days, I am driving with my family out to Andrews AFB, I have orders and we are moving to the area. We are looking to rent a home east of the base, preferably in the chesapeake beach, north beach area, but anywhere from Crofton down to Prince Frederick. We are pretty open to possibilities, with that said, I do have a picky wife who has a set of guidelines. Here they are:

3 or 4 bedrooms, at least a 1 car garage, under 2500 a month, around 2000 sq ft.

Recently we stumbled on a house in Chesapeake Beach, for $2450, a 4 bedroom, very very nice place with room for the kids to run in the back yard and plenty of room for me and my toys and the BMW... Its an easy sell, we are happy to pay that price and be where we want to live.

Then this other place showed up on our radar. Its down near Mechanicsville, majorly out in the woods. It is 3 bedrooms, updated very nicely, plenty of space for us, but its about a 50 minute drive to work for me without traffic, where as chesapeake beach would be around 30 minutes. It sits on 5 acres or so and would be a great place for us as well.

Here is the kicker, the place in Mechanicsville is only $1625 a month. Substantially less than the other house. Now we are having a really hard time deciding what one we should go for, thus my post. We can live where we want to live, and pay substantially more, or live a little out of the way and save a bunch of dough.

What are your guys thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance for your opinions.