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From what I've been told by various LEOs, you're usually OK in AZ if you're less than 7 mph over the limit. Not always, but that seems to be the magic number that most municipalities use. So I'm told...

And speed cameras aren't used on the state highways or freeways any more, they were taken out a year or so ago. Some towns & cities still use them, along with red light cameras, tho. But there has to be a sign warning if they're in use.
I know the city of Tempe removed the red light cameras because the short light trick was creating too many accidents. Once the traffic signals were restored to a normal time interval the program no longer was the cash cow they had hoped for.

I still see the AHP Explorers with the camera on top sitting by the high ways at times.

The city of Roseville in California went through the same issue that Tempe did, except Roseville got sued for short lighting and had to refund much of the money.