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Thread: Ilium Works Customer Service - Very Odd

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    Angry Ilium Works Customer Service - Very Odd

    I've had excellent experience with Schuberth, Bob's BMW and other venders but my jaw dropped to the floor dealing with Ilium.

    Almost two weeks ago I ordered, via the internet, Ilium Works touring foot pegs for my 2013 R1200RT. I have ordered from Ilium before and I had read good reviews for this item. I placed the order using my credit card on record and I received an email that evening confirming the order. I was hoping to receive the gear so that I could install them this past weekend. Nothing arrived.

    Because I have this Friday and weekend off I was hoping to work on the bike. When I did not receive the touring pegs today (Thursday - 10 days after placing order) I sent them an email questioning when they plan on shipping the item. I received a response within two hours and "Ron" stated they have the touring pegs in stock and would I like them to be sent out? WHAT?????

    I immediately responded back that, if they had them in stock, why was my order not filled? Does it require an inquiry from a customer to get a prepaid order filled? I also asked if I did not email them, how soon would they get around to sending something in stock? That is the strangest customer service department I have ever run across.

    Ok, I am now off my soap-box. Have a good weekend, keep the wheels down and stay on the right side of the sod.

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    The good news is they make good stuff and it is only a farkle- probably not your first or last. If you end up like me you'll always have projects that need doing on one machine or the other so I just move on to the next until the parts arrive.

    I relax a lot better now that I'm retired with no deadlines and no hoards of people and issues to think about.

    If you think Ilium is slow don't order lights from Rigid. Will be 30 days to 3 months. Are apparently selling more than they can make.

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