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Thread: 1993 K75 Saddle Bag repair

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    1993 K75 Saddle Bag repair

    When I originally asked for help, I reported that the hinge was broken on my 1993 K75 saddle bag. I had not looked at the parts list yet. What is broken is a solid plastic strip that runs the length of the door bottom like the strip that is on the bag bottom than runs parallel to the broken door strip that the hinges are fastened to. Need to repair or replace strip on door. Has any one had any experience with this type of repair welding, replacing plastic strip with metal or whatever? Thanks for help.

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    greetings jblund...

    you could give this a try...

    j o

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    I have excellent results on RT fairings and K bike fairings using WEST System G- Flex epoxy.
    I buy it at West Marine stores, marinas and big hardware stores.
    It is easy to use and the repair is stronger than the original plastic.

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    If the hinge mount (as opposed to the hinge) has failed, I know I wouldn't trust my plastic repair skills even if the weld product is stronger than the original plastic. I'd be inclined to look at options to replace the plastic hinges with metal piano or cabinet hinges that can be bolted on through the case wall.

    Also, for the belt-and-suspenders approach, after I had a hinge break on one of these I started wrapping them with a nylon strap once they were on the bike. It's just a $2 one-inch cinch strap with a plastic buckle. Drop one end down behind, pull it back around front from the bottom, and clip the buckle somewhere near the top.
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