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Thread: 2002 R 1150 RT with 45,000 miles I have an intermittent no brake light no abs

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    2002 R 1150 RT with 45,000 miles I have an intermittent no brake light no abs

    I can ride all day with no problem then stop and go again then I have no rear brake light with the foot brake and no abs on the foot brake it has a red light on the dash saying abs brake failure, I have a firm pedal.. I just trailered it back from rogers city to lansing then while unloading it I turned the key on and everything worked good, this has happened several times

    Any Ideas Tony

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    I would suggest checking the ABS sensors at each wheel for the correct spacing and condition. Check the ABS wiring as well. Also check the handbrake/footbrake for correct brake switch actuation (may be sticky). If all looks good, do a full brake fluid flush.

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    chrisz is on the right track but on every BMW I have worked on with ABS, over 90% of the time, I have fixed the weirdest brake/ABS electric complaints by changing the brake light bulb, even when the bulb looked great. I can't explain why.

    Last night, my buddy came over with his ABS flashing alternately on a 1999 R1100RS. The code I got out said ABS brain fart. Just for fun because we only have a few weeks of riding left, I checked all his lights and his turn signals were flashing real fast on both sides. Replaced his turn signal bulb on one side, ABS problem went away.

    There is no indication from the wiring diagram the two are in anyway connected. Go figure? Start simple and go from there.
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