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Thread: Positive Experience with Overseas Speedometer

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    Positive Experience with Overseas Speedometer

    I had some cosmetic and condensation issues with the speedo side of my instrument Pod on my K75s. Sent to Rick at Overseas Speedo primarily because he advertises in MOA and his website states he works on the K speedo pods and has a picture on his website.

    Shipped it to him from MN to TX on a Tuesday. Rick Received it on a Friday and called me. I asked him about the turnaround and a ball park estimate. He estimated 125 and said he might be able to get to it over the weekend - which he did. He said he had some speedo faces "in stock" and would replace the one in the picture.

    In addition to calibrating the speedo and a minor repair to the tripmeter (the numbers weren't lining up (I hadn't noticed), he put a modern "bottom" piece on the unit which has (2) air vents to help any condensation escape instead of fogging up the lens.

    Rick shipped it back to me on Monday, I got it Thursday and installed it and left for an Airhead (3) Day Rally at Wild Mtn. State Park in WI.

    The speedo has never worked better and the face looks so clean now!

    Rick said he'd never seen a speedo face like mine. If you look at the picture, the rectangle is not symmetrical - I guessed a technician in training at the BMW factory or the work was done the day after Octoberfest. And the white spots - well, I thought they'd wipe off but they've got texture like someone spilled acid on the face and it bubbled up. Very strange.

    Another interesting experience in buying a used machine - although this K has been terrific, it didn't have complete maintenance records - which really isn't a big deal - just makes me wonder was it a technician who screwed up the face or was someone in there before and does she really have 47k on the clock? Again, no big deal - still a terrific bike!

    Weird how the photo uploader rotated the first picture!
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    When possible I like to see/meet the person or place where my stuff gets fixxed or serviced. I needed my R90/6 instruments serviced. I saw that Overseas was in Austin, Tx. I regularly run from Memphis, Tn. to Larado Tx., So I stopped in Austin, found Overseas Speedo met Rick and looked the place over. 100's of insruments everywhere, neat place. Back to Laredo about a month later to pick them up. They looked brand new. 2 thumbs up to Overseas Speedometer.

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