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Thread: Considerations when buying used?

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    Considerations when buying used?

    I want a strong dependable oilhead for my wife and I to take 500 mile weekend tours with; about 5,000 miles during summer. We need a dependable, high quality, comfortable cycle that will be relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain. Are there any particular years, ages, features or mileages that I should try to get or to avoid? Or is it strictly a matter of lowest mileage? Or latest year? Or best maintained/serviced? Or all of the above? Thanks.

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    The best oilhead for 2up riding is the RT. I had an R, which was very fun when riding by myself, but my wife never really felt comfortable on the back. I got the RT with a removeable Givi V46 top box. The top box goes on when the wife is aboard, then comes off the rest of the time.

    There are some great deals now on 1100 and 1150 RT's because they are being sold or traded in as many go for the 1200 RT. Of the 1150's, I have been very pleased with the 04 which is a twin spark, and does not have the surging issue my 03 Roadster had.

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