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Thread: Intercom Systems

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    I ride a 1600 GT
    Wife rides a c650gt
    Both have Schubert helmets with bmw comm, both bikes have nav systems paired to phones. The intercom function works to about 1/4 mile line of sight. After that she calls on phone. Only draw back for us is that intercom hot mic on all the time

    J&M audio sells some pretty good CB/FRS radio systems that mount on various bikes for greater distance without using phone/intercom had one on my 1200gs for bike to bike worked well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telebeamer View Post
    My wife recently bought her own bike and we are looking into some sort of 2 way communication device. Does anyone have some suggestions on a good product. We are looking for something simple that allows us to check in occasionally while riding.

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    Actually, it sounds like you're looking for bike to bike comms, not intercom. Have you considered CB radio? If you use Bluetooth for the phones, that works where you have service. CB just works because you create the service when you key the mic. Added benefit is you can hear/communicate with others on the road. Oldwhatshername and I used them when she was able to ride her bike and they worked great. Now when she travels in the car and I'm on the bike - we can still communicate. I bought a $35 CB and a magnet mount antenna for the car and it's pretty much plug-and-play.

    I run a J&B CB on my RT and am hard wired to it. Others I know use Bluetooth and think it's great.
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    check out the Midland x-tra talk GXT 1000/1050 series GMRS/FRS radio with the helmet option. Works good and inexspensive.
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    SENA has the ability to go with push to talk radios as an add on. The expandability with software updates really makes this setup more futureproof than others. Also, unlike Scala (BMW, etc), you can buy from the factory, a helmet mount to plug in-ear monitors into. Oh yeah, they have a wired mic that is super small & attached with velcro vs. a clumsy boom mic. They really stepped up the game. Nobody even comes close.

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    +1 for the Sena . . .although terrain affects them, the range can be impressive for bike-to-bike comms.
    Effortless pairing with your GPS, music, phone, other Sena headsets, etc. is a whole lot more than you'll get with many other systems.
    A quiet helmet makes a difference in terms of the voice activation working properly. My Schuberth and my son's Shoei full face both are fine; my younger son has a noisier Bell full face and the Voice activation doesnt work with his helmet.
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