Hi Gents
With 44,000 on the odometer I think my front wheel bearings are going bad. At low speeds with the engine off coasting down my hill I can feel in the bars and hear a dink dink dink sound. Sounds and feels like the bearings are loading up and then letting go.
If I put on the front disc brake even a little the sound and feeling in the bars stop.
The wheel is tight with the grab the fork and wheel and push pull test, I really wonder if it is the bearings.
Putting the bike up on the stand the wheel turns real nice, no noise or sign of trouble.
But what else could it be?
That said I read that I need a bearing puller to get the bearings out. Do I need this puller and if so can I borrow or rent one from someone please.
Or can I heat the hub and tap them out and new ones back in with a drift. I have not been in there yet and don't know what it looks like and the Clymer book is vague. And reading Snowbums site about changing the bearings and setting the preload on this 78 is also quite confusing.

Any advice on this problem is welcome!
Thanks in Advance
Nick Kennedy