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Thread: Ever watch the satellites?

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    The first time I saw ISS I was hanging out with fellow BMW-riders!
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    I lived in North Central Oklahoma in the early 1970s. The local newspaper published a satellite timetable listing time, direction of travel and how high off the horizon to watch. It was the most exciting thing to happen after dark in Enid, OK. It was the only exciting thing to happen after dark in Enid.

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    Just watched the Space Station make a pass. Perfect night and timing. Looked like a Buick going over at a hundred feet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    We live 53 miles out of town, in the desert, at 3600 ft msl, in what is one of the least ight polluted locations in the United States. And have 330 suuny days and clear nights a year. So yes, we watch the sky a bit. In fact, we are going to the McDonald Observatory on Monday night to a star party of sorts.

    If I lived where you do........I would seriously consider a skylight & a decent power telescope.
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