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Thread: For all you campers

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    I received the original luminAID (early version of the Packlite 16) as a "stocking stuffer" gift about four years ago and it has proved to be surprisingly useful. It holds a charge for months at a time and recharges quickly even under cloudy skies. Folded, the light is at least four times brighter than my smartphone screen, and is enough for even my old eyes to read by. Inflated, I stick it in the gear loft of my tent for a diffuse area light that makes it easy to organize my stuff. Wrap a shirt around it and it even works as sleeping pillow. Weighing less than three ounces, it is easy to pack into a small space. I'd not use it as my only flashlight, but I don't camp without it.
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    I've got something similar from Olympia:

    I have used it to charge my flip-phone.


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    Buy one from a fellow member...

    These things are perfect for motorcycle camping.

    You can get one from Stephen Burns, aka Burnszilla, at

    Keep the money in the family!

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    For years I have been camping with solar and LED technology. I put a solar panel (Goal Zero) in the clear map flap of my tank bag to keep my lantern (Goal Zero), headlamp (Bushnell), or other devices charged. I have a battery pack (Goal Zero) that can charge (if needed) my cell phone or other devices (camera, tablet, etc.). I also use a cigarette lighter power adapter to keep things charged if needed. I can travel for many, many days without the need for an electrical plug.

    My Bushnell headlamp recharges via a USB and does not require replacement batteries. I bought it a Walmart for about $22. It is very bright and functional.
    The Goal Zero lantern:
    The Goal Zero solar panel and battery pack:

    My wife does the same. Here's a pic of my wife's solar panel in her tank bag on her bike. It fits great and does not get in the way. The solar panel can fold up easily and be put away in a jiffy. It has multiple cables (micro-USB, USB) that will work directly with not only a battery pack but with other devices.
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