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And the great thing is the new showroom is really close to Pat's and Geno's.
Yeah, i was at Pat's and Geno's once, kinda by accident! Rolling down thru the Italian neighborhoods headed down 10th to Oregon Ave. We got a cheese steak from each, and split. They were pretty good...
I used to go to 10th Avenue Steaks on Oregon- my long time South Philly Fave.... it's currently undergoing renovations... Before, it only had a walk up, sidewalk window... Which come to think of it, they all do- some with seating,tho, 10th ave Steaks never had that.
Love that awesome South Philly "ambience"!
They immediately knew you weren't from around there! They were always nice [to me] about it tho... But then, I know how to order a cheese steak in South Philadelphia.
I first found the place after a Spectrum concert- back in the mid 90s.... we were circling about looking for food. I knew we'd found the right spot- there were police cars parked 3 deep at curbside!

My new stand-by steak joint is Tony Luke's- down the street, on Oregon, in the shadow of I-95.
Will try 10th Ave Steaks when they re-open (under a new name) but Tony Luke's is pretty doggone good.