I recently bought a slightly damaged R1200C that got about 2" too close to something. It broke the windshield, headlight, headlight bracket, and speedometer housing. The bike sat out for several months after the accident. I have located some of the parts I need to start riding it, but the issue right now is not being able to start it.

The key will turn to the steering locked with the parking lights on, steering locked, and steering unlocked positions, but it WILL NOT go to the on position. I suspect this is due to its sitting outside with the key in the switch. Any guesses as to how to free it up without taking it off of the bike and/or replacing it? I have tried WD-40 at the dealer's suggestion, also silicone spray, PB Blaster, and compressed air to no avail. I put air in where the key goes as well as a small hole in the side that is probably a drain. WD-40 comes out when I spray it in the top.

Failing that, how do I get the switch off of the bike? The bolts that hold it in appear to be machined so that they are inserted with a special socket that will only turn them INwards. I can drill a hole and use and EZ-Out, but maybe there's a better way. Also, how do I get the wiring out of the switch, preferably before I take it off of the bike? There are a couple of what appear to be plugs that might hold the wiring in place, but I hate to drill something out that will have no effect. One plug looks like brass, the other aluminum. The latter WAS covered by red paint, and has tiny threads inside. Are the lock and switch actually too separate things as they are on a car?

Why would my oddly shaped key work in three positions, but not the ON one. The three local locksmiths I've talked to have no ideas.