I've been putting off joining BMWMOA for some time now. Maybe it's because I have been putting off joining the procrastinator's club too. Putting THAT off is a requirement for membership.

I have owned eight BMW motorcycles over a period of 40 years, and even more of their cages. Yes, I discovered what a good motorcycle was all about at an early age with a used R69US. Great bikes and cars too. With a wife who doesn't like to ride, and three kids to raise, I laid out for several of those years. The kids are gone, and the wife has grown more tolerant.

It became time to ride again about ten years ago. So I bought an old R-80/7. Nice old bike, but it has gotten to the point where it needs restoration. Kansas calls it an antique at 35 years. Right now, I have it and three others. I told you I was an addict. I'll probably pare down to one or two before winter, but I won't quit. We still have a lot of good riding weather, unless it's snowing and slick.