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Hi Anton: This is just a naked R80.

ISSUE RESOLVED: I started measuring all specs of pipes, inlets, et al.. All seemed appropriate and the O.D. of the Keihan headers is 38mm. I emailed Keihan in England and let me just say they were great. Got almost immediate reply and they were more than
helpful. I sent back the stamped part numbers for my headers and although one was off by a digit (just a typo it seems) the headers were the correct fitment for my '86 R80.

Well, moving ahead to this morning, I went to take our City recycling out and there in the recycling bin were my old compression rings from the old 2-into-1 system. I immediately grabbed them up and compared them to the new compression rings I just purchased. BAM. There is the issue. The old rings were about the same size as the clamp ring. The new compression ring is about 3 times the size of the old rings - same diameter just larger in width of the ring depth, if you will. That accounts for the not being able to hand-wrench the finned nuts down against the jugs.
Sooooo, I took the new clamp rings which are the same size as the "new" clamp rings I just purchased and used the "old" compression rings.

The headers tightened up nicely on both jugs and screwed-down by hand using all the threads. PROBLEM SOLVED.

I'm not going to rent more space in my mind to trying to figure the what-fors and why-nots on the larger compression rings. Time to move on.
The "old" compression rings were like new and I cleaned them up and they are in nicely. I'll install the remainder of the system this evening when the temps. drop down a bit here in Central Florida.

BTW, I can't say enough good things about the Keihan exhaust system or the super response from the Keihan factory personnel. Highly recommend their systems if you need a replacement.

Thanks to all for their input. This was driving me crazy and now time for a cold toast to the Forum members and one for me, too. Cheers.

Lesson I learned a longtime ago. I never throw away the old parts until I am sure that the new stuff fits, is installed, and plenty of time gone by using the new stuff. Sometimes I never get rid of some stuff - until years later.