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Thread: Rotella T6- October promo

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    Rotella T6- October promo

    Shell has a promotion going on Rotella oil now. It ends Oct.31.
    You get $5 cash back rebate on each jug of of T6 full syn oil & if you participate in the "My Miles Matter" Shell web promo you get triple miles for your purchase.They also send bonus miles every now & then to get you thinking their way for visiting the web page. I'm no pro coupon clipper but those two jug stickers & a stamp are $10 back to this poor guy plus I just traded some of my miles for $10 in restaurant gift cards with a couple of button clicks. "Peek inside the jug" before using the oil for the "code" inside the cap.
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    Thanks! I just signed up and my VW TDI uses Rotella and my GS will begin using it soon.

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