I've got a new shorter Parabellum windshield. I've removed the riser bar backs as my bars are "C's" and it's good w/out them.

I've got heated grips - I've looked around online and see how BMW makes them - they're tiny strands of wire wrapped around the grip and then coated with some kind of wax paper of some short.

Wondering if anyone has replaced the rubber grips and how you did it w/out cutting into the wires and messing up the heating elements. From what I see, it doesn't look like the ends have any wires running across them.

The reason I need to switch mirrors is the "mickey mouse" mirrors interfere with the turning radius of the bars and collide with the windshield - Not Good!

Parabellum suggested these bar ends and it looks like they may work that don't compete for the inside of the bars;


I'd like to be able to pull this off - love the heated grips - at the same time would like to replace the existing grey rubber grips with black - if a solution here what is a good grip to replace? I've read the throttle grip has a larger diameter hole than the other side and heated grips need a larger diameter hole.