I did ride it around the block this weekend. The clutch is grabby, anyone ever try spraying brake clean through the inspection hole to clean the clutch plate? But it went through the gears ok. It still runs ruff but I?m not going to mess with that until I get a new air filter and get the air intake back together.
The carb on the left side was leaking gas again and when I took it apart the bowl gasket was swollen. I?m wondering if it was from the lighter fluid I was using to start it?
I think my next step will be new bowl gaskets, a new air filter and put the intake back together and then drop the pan and clean it and add new oil and a filter, It does have an oil filter some place doesn?t it? And then I?ll be done with the motor for now.
Next I want to fix the center stand. It?s bent and the bike leans to one side when it?s on the stand. Fixing it should made future work easier.
After that I?ll work on the brakes, they don?t work very well right now. It seems like everything is working like it should they just don?t grab very well when you squeeze them.
I made a work stand. When I get the bike on it I?ll post a picture.