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Thread: Mechanic in CT

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    Mechanic in CT

    Looking for a good mechanic in central or southern CT near Essex or Stonington. Thanks in advance.

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    Mechanic for what bike? What kind of work do you want done?

    This list in the Resources and Links section of the forum:

    shows one Airhead friendly shop in CT in Greenwich...SoloMoto.
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    There is a good one in Stamford as well

    but is better with the older BMW's...

    Ping me for details.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    Thanksgiving for the leads. Just looking for basic work if the need arises having just relocated my 1992 R100R from PA TO Essex CT.

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    Oops, spell check made thanks into thanksgiving.

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    This guy is one of the best.

    His name is Bud Provin. His shop is a little farther away than the area you asked for but it may not be really too far.

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    Looks like he is worth the drive, thanks.

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    I've been taking my /6 to Max BMW in Danbury for beyond basic service stuff that I can't do at home. They have a couple of techs that are very good with the old Airheads. Phil Cheney is the only one who can get my R60 to stop pinging.
    They also have a pickup service which is VERY convenient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    shows one Airhead friendly shop in CT in Greenwich...SoloMoto.
    I had a bad experience with that shop.

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