Went for a great ride up into the local mountains and on my way discovered my rear brakes were useless. Nothing wrong with the adjuster and I knew I had plenty of brake material left from a recent inspection and adjustment. Opened it up yesterday and found a big mess in there. So farI am guessing I need to replace the main bearing shaft seal and the gasket for the housing cover. Brake shoes will be toast now too with gear oil smeared on them.

What seems strange at first glance is the main bearing seal does not really appear to be leaking. There is also a bit of mess outside the breather cap. It was clear last time I checked it as well. Not really sure where the oil came from yet but it seems to be mainly on the shoes.

Are there any other points of gear oil ingress that I am not seeing on the fiche? I've never had one of these go on me in all these years so I'm in new territory.