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Thread: R1200GSA rider from Malaysia looking to change oil in Montana

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    R1200GSA rider from Malaysia looking to change oil in Montana

    I have a friend doing a top to bottom North - South America tour with his wife on an R1200GSA. He's in Helena MT at the moment and headed to Bozeman today. They're enjoying as many national parks as they can on their way south. Glacier now and Yellowstone next I gather.
    Anyway, I know about the dealer in Missoula but he is looking to change oil in or near Bozeman. I googled a place called Different Strokes.
    Anyone use them for basic service?

    These two speak very good English and are on quite an adventure. Am I jealous? Yeah... I am!
    After corresponding via email with loads of questions about the trip their dream trip is finally happening.
    They stopped by my place for some help fixing a few things a few weeks ago.

    If you know any good shops in the area please post here and I will pass the info along.

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    Another place could be the shop just outside of Red Lodge; is he still there? His ads said airhead specialist, but he might have oilhead filters.
    And Red Lodge has "other brand" dealers; he'd just need to source the filter.

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    Montana oil change

    Look in Anonymous Book. There are people all over the place that will help. Best wishes from Missoula. John

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    Just saw tis today. I live in Helena and have shop with a lift, tire changer and tools your friends may use. PM me if they are still in need.
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