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Thread: She Said Yes To The GS!

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    She Said Yes To The GS!

    In a nutshell, here's the skinny: My wife Mary and I have toured extensively on our old /5. It was only 27 years old when we took (her first) long ride (12,000 miles) with quite a few miles added thereafter. A '92 K1100LT came into the picture in 2003. Lots of touring miles since then. This second very reliable friend is now 21. Now talks about a 'new to us' bike keep coming up in recent discussion. I have periodically brought up the option of a properly appointed GS. "Too FN ugly", she often retorted. So, a few weeks ago we met a couple on a 2012 GSA..... with all the 'fixins'. She loved it. That's the basics.

    So, now we are looking for a 1200GS. It has to look like the one she saw (Touratek stuff, new seat, new gps, see-and-be-seen lighting, etc). Can't really get a new one but can bring in a year old from U.S. to Canada. We start looking in Florida (because we will be in Key West) in late November and spending a couple of weeks just looking around to dealers.

    My question is: Aside from all the good reasons to buy one, what might some of the perceived drawbacks be (not being inseam challenged is likely in my favor) in looking at a long term ownership? Is there one particular year to avoid? One to seek? At 65 I do not aspire to be a "GS Giant" but I do like a bit of a challenge. We both do actually. Opinions? I know most places to research but I am most interested in experienced observations about the bike itself. - Bob
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