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Thread: New member/owner in Lebanon, IN

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    New member/owner in Lebanon, IN

    Hi, everyone, my name is Barry VanCamp.

    I've just paid the dues for this website, and I can't wait to get started.
    I'm 57 years old, retired from the federal government, and just purchased my very first BMW motorbike. Been riding a 2009 KLR for the last 4 years, but always wanted to try a BMW. I've been riding for 44 years, owned everything from Honda to Harley. After my military service,(USN), I attended the American Motorcycle Institute that used to be located in Daytona Beach. After graduating from AMI, I went to work for a Suzuki dealership in the spring of 1981. Of course, I was laid off that fall, the work being seasonal.
    Since I required a paycheck, I worked various jobs for the next few years. Then I got hired by the US Postal Service as a letter carrier. After a few years as a carrier and clerk, I got a transfer to the main office downtown Indianapolis where I entered the maintenance department, finishing up as an Electronics Technician.
    A few days ago, while perusing various sites for a deal on a R1200GS, I found a likely candidate on the Falcone Powersports website. They were advertising a 2009 R1200GS with 3800. miles for 12999.00. Sent them an e-mail and went there the next day.
    The bike was flawless, came with vario bags, tank bag, aftermarket windscreen, passenger backrest, ESA, ABS, Kaoko cruise control, and probably more. Took her for a test ride and since she spoke to me, purchased her immediately. Since I am not married, (I'm happy), I made arrangements for them to deliver the bike the next morning. Talk about a long night!
    The guy showed up around 10AM the next day. As he was driving through Indy, the right side pannier had come off and bounced away. We found out that they had a new one in stock, so I jumped on the bike and rode back to the dealership. They set the lock to my key and about 20 minutes later I was on my way.
    Anyway, owning a BMW was on my bucket list, so I can cross that one off.

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    Sounds like you found a good deal. Glad to have you here and enjoy your new bike! Now you can add more items to the list that you couldn't do before you got it!
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    Welcome to the forum! Luggage falling off happens all too often. In the Best of Forum area of the forum, there is a nice thread on how luggage falls off- and sometimes finds it's way home.
    Ride Safe.
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    Hey Mr. V

    Welcome to your new family. You should come down to the Hoosier Beemer rally this weekend 27-29 in North Vernon, IN just east of Seymour IN. If you need any info contact me at

    Make it fun!

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    Welcome and congratulations on the new bike. Ive had similar experience with luggage. The GS is a nice bike and the R1200 motor is great. See you out there.
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    Welcome, Barry! I'd tell you what a great bike you have but you'll find out on your own. Besides, I'm highly biased!

    I also have a 2009 1200GS and a 2011 650KLR. The KLR does not see its way past the driveway very often tho. Be sure to check out the GS Giants either through the link below or on Facebook. Lots of fun to be had!

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