Hi All
My driveway is sloped just about all the way up to the garage.
My garage is limited in width. (it's one of those 1,5 car garages with work table and cupboards either side)
Turning the scooter around in the garage is a small challenge every time.

If I try to turn it on the driveway, its difficult, due to the slope.
I have basically to do several iterations of backwards and forwards in the garage to get it around. (5 point turn, so to speak)
Having to lift the side stand, also makes this maneovour tricky.

On previous BMW R Series, I could swing the bike on one leg of the center stand.
I know this is a well known tactic but not sure if it is Motorrad sanctioned?
Because of the very rear position of the Scooter center stand, this is just about impossible?
There is a lot of weight on the front wheel.

Anyone have any suggestions?
I am thinking of a very low, 3 wheeled triangular cart, which I can slip under the front wheel, to act as Dolly.
Then should be able to swing the bike around on the c/stand and front wheel dolly.

Hopefully though, someone has this problem already figured out?
I did a quick thread check but could not find the answer.