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Thread: Cleaning product recommendation

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    Cleaning product recommendation

    When I bought some leather furniture a couple of years ago the salesman handed me a couple of bottles of cleaner and protector. Excellent product for the bike. It's great on black plastic and the seats. Non silicone base. I used to use armorall until I read the bikes owners manual and saw that is suggested a non-silicone base cleaner/conditioner. I didn't see silicone in the ingredients in armorall but it listed another ingredient that when I looked it up in Wikipedia I found it was silicone. Theses products clean and condition without changing the matte finish that most Beemer black plastic parts exhibit.
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    Thanks for this! I always hate when you clean plastic or vinyl and it turns into a shiny slab. Have you tried it on the steering wheel in your car?

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    Most of us have used Arnorall, at one time or another, usually only once on a motorcycle seat, can I say slippery! Look in your local auto parts store McGuires and Mother's make vinyl cleaner and non silicone protectant. For my K1600 I just wash the seat when I wash the bike. Nothing special

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    There is a line of products called Dry wash & Glaze...they have a nice tire / rubber cleaner that works very well & is not shiny. They also have a vinyl & leather care product that is the same.

    and, just to note. Their painted finish cleaner / polish also works on chrome , plastic,glass etc. You can do the entire vehicle with just that alone. No streaking. BMW [auto] dealers normally have it. A close friend was a distributor for years. He kept me supplied.

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    303 Aerospace Protectant

    Stuff aint cheap but works.
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    Thumbs up 303 +1!!!

    The best!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 12907 View Post
    Stuff aint cheap but works.
    That's what I use.

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    I highly recommend Einszett products. This is their vinyl cleaner / protectant. It leaves the matte finish has U.V. Protection and is water not silicone based. It works extremely well on RT dash and other black matte areas of the bike. It also doesn't steak and is made in Germany.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12907 View Post
    Stuff aint cheap but works.
    +1 on the Aerospace Protectant along with there Fabric Guard 303.

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    I use this on my cars and bikes. I even used it on other leather stuff around the house with great result. Great product at a good price (the 3 bottles last a long time).
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    Cast aluminum wheels?

    What are you using for cleaning your BMW cast aluminum wheels? Mine need some TLC.
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