To all the whiners, I will not justify your comments with a direct response. Not sure how others are on the other forum topics but those on this OilHead forum leave much to be desired.

I've used and been on similar boards in the past and its always the same. Speculators, over-thinkers, people quick to criticize, want-to-be mechanics, those who think they are mechanics, those who assume something to be fact without basis for their opinions - and on, and on, and...

If you don't have a qualified and intelligent response or opinion that you can justify and backup with real experience, data or research, or good reason to object to another's post, ideas or choices, DON'T respond. The post was obviously only meant to be 'for informational purposes' where you're concerned.

I'm reminded of just why I've avoided this and other forums for years now. No good deed or idea goes unpunished by those who 'think' they know more or better.

I don't wear some stupid vest, some patch that identifies me as belonging to a group or club and I don't encourage forums. Why I ever thought the BMWMOA would be any different is beyond me.

With the exception of jeff488 who actually took the time to share his expertise and other information, the people on this forum are why I ride alone and independent.

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