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Thread: Help with a 2004 1200cl Clutch

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    Help with a 2004 1200cl Clutch

    Hello I am new to the group. I am currently working on a 2004 1200 CL clutch. I have gotten the rear frame off and will be taking off the transmission this weekend. I have read on other threads that the reason my clutch went bad after only 30k is that when my resivoir came up dry one day all of the fluid leaked out of the output cyclinder and contaminated the clutch material. I understand there is a fix so the issue does not happen again. If any of you can offer help I would be greatfull.

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    General answser: Hydraulic clutch slave cylinders can leak.

    When they leak they fill up the cavity in the casting where they reside - so far.

    When the level of the fluid reaches the clutch rod it can flow forward and contaminate the clutch.

    As the clutch wears the fluid level rises - unlike for brakes. If you ever see it go down it is leaking.

    Fix it fast or fix a lot more.
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    Yep. You need to go there and to Pokies stuff.
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    Thanks to all of you for the help. Have a good weekend.

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