Yes, if you do your research, it is the best product available, period. For those of you who think using Amsoil is wasting World resources, let me correct you.

Amsoil is formulated from 100% U.S. derived base-stock and additives. That's another reason to use it or begin using it. My 2002 R1150RT has never been happier or run cooler than when I flushed the old crap out that the last owner was using and fed all systems pure Amsoil.

Does your tranny clink, clunk or make any type of noise when going into 1st, or when up and downshifting? If you want it to shift like butter, use 75W140 Severe Gear. The 75W90 doesn't do it and Amsoil's 140 has a flow rate that is identical to the 90 weight.

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