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Thread: Corn lobby's response to all our ethanol threads

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    Corn lobby's response to all our ethanol threads

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    That's right! You'd be stupid if you didn't believe what we say, because ... We Say So!

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    How about, "Hey, we're converting a food crop into fuel causing the price of corn to go drastically higher all around the world so the less fortunate have less too eat."

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    I saw it on the internet so it must be true...
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    good PR doesn't let pesky facts get in get in the way. you believe how nasty those big oil companies can be?
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    I'm not certain they are not telling the truth. So, let's accept as 100% fact what they write.

    Such as:

    "...the EPA...approved a 15% blend of ethanol for all 2001 and newer automobiles."

    OK, great. I drive a 1989 truck and a 1974 motorcycle. That statement does not put me at ease.
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    I like the study by the Iowa State University regarding corn ethanol and fuel prices. Now there's an objective study.


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    The problem is that manufacturers don't necessarily approve E15 and in some instances expressly forbid it. EPA approval only addresses the environmental issue. That is their responsibility.
    The fact that 11 years after it was approved by the EPA, E15 is still forbidden in some cars shows manufacturers are not going out of their way to accommodate themselves to the change over, if there is going to be one. Or maybe they just see it as a potential out on fuel system warranty claims.

    But then we face more pressing issues as passengers headed towards the fiscal cliff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35634 View Post
    good PR doesn't let pesky facts get in get in the way. you believe how nasty those big oil companies can be?
    Ethanol has nothing to do with oil companies. It's simply extra expense for them and the profit goes to farmers and politicians, not them. They're not buying up farmland to get in on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    Ethanol has nothing to do with oil companies. It's simply extra expense for them and the profit goes to farmers and politicians, not them. They're not buying up farmland to get in on it.
    "...and the profit goes to farmers..."

    Let me guess - you are not a farmer. Don't confuse Archer Daniels Midland and the other big agribusiness for the average farmer.

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    Never believe anything out of the mouths of those who stand to profit the most from whatever it is that's being discussed. The only issue I'm concerned with is the manufacturers refusal to cover any fuel system problems that surface as a result of the higher alcohol content in our fuel supply. I was out in California a couple of week ago on a job. We rented a 2013 Toyota Rav4. I enjoyed the car as it's on my list as a possible replacement down the road for my current car. I couldn't help but notice when I filled it up before returning it to the rental company that the gas cap was stamped in big white letters, "NO E15 / E85" Personally, I don't care what E15 does for the environment if it's going to cause me a bunch of expensive problems with my car. And I'm an NOT impressed with the government certifying anything on this subject. Obviously, the manufacturers aren't buying into it. Unfortunately, I think we'll just have to wait and see!

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    Ethanol blended fuels "may" burn cleaner than pure gas fuels in our vehicles. But the net result of producing, distributing (as in more tanker loads of E10 or E15) by diesel trucks, and getting less miles per tank, meaning more tank loads purchased, to me does not add up to any gains other than the dollars going into the pockets of the E10 and E15 producers.

    I don't buy E10 whenever I can avoid it up here in Wisconsin, and I certainly will NOT buy any E15, if possible. Interesting that the "facts about the TRUTH of ethanol" makes NO mention whatsoever about the reduced mileage per gallon when using ethanol blended fuels comapred against whole gas fuels.

    The quote strikes me as nothing but hype, "NASCAR has run on Sunoco Green E15, a fuel blended with 15% ethanol, for
    over 4 million miles." So what! NASCAR engines need the extra cooling capability of ethanol (water) partly because of the very high compression engines they run. The ethanol also helps reduce detonation issues, again in very high compression engines. Engines that can run at a far more rich fuel/air mix than we run in our cars and bikes. Engines that are also REBUILT at a very high rate to insure max power and durability. The ethanol fuel is just a small part about NASCAR, that has very little relationship to our everyday driven cars.
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    Who's going to be the first to sign up to tear down and inspect/rebuild their engine after 500 miles.
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    Just a reminder guys, we try to stay off the politics of issues did to the end result of "no win"- and bad feelings.
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    FACTS: Both are carbon based fuels and we need to get off both of them, if you are concerned with the quality of life our kids and their kids will have.
    Both have skin in the game and we receive propaganda from both.
    If you add in what it costs us (from our taxes) in subsidies to the oil giants, the actual price we are paying for gasoline is absurd! Many of us would stop driving our cars and trucks.

    Just saying.

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