If per your maintenance schedule you want to over-wrench, go right ahead. Me I prefer to ride more.

Maybe I'm just dumb lucky with 94 RS, untouched original injectors, fuel pump, fuel regulator. Original final drive untouched in 175,000 miles, running synthetic 75W90 changed every 20k. replaced the driveshaft. 3rd clutch (2nd one was my screw-up). Engine internals untouched, running synthetic oil changed every 5k. I rebuilt the alternator, rebuilt the TB's, replaced the starter, replaced the timing chain tensioners. Done all my own maintenance, and I'm no mechanic. Bike still runs great,

I have though, for years, run a bottle of Techron through the fuel system at least twice per 10,000 miles. Have used Marvel oil in the past too. Don't see any need to change MY maintenance program now.