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Thread: Change Rally to September timeframe

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    No hanging chads (sp?) please

    Excuse my ignorance since I am a new member, but I had no idea that the voting return rate was so low.....just a thought, make the vote part of the renewal process if it is not already.

    Unless you can provide hard numbers I don't think our "random" samples here are going to speak with much confidence for everyone. I my area (and no I don't have kids), schools go year round (eck poor kids). I don't think a single month/weekend should be chosen, it should fluctuate. I can say this, if a rally were scheduled in the southern region beyond Tenn. in mid-July, I won't be there. Worse yet, how about Texas

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    Rally turnout potential

    As is always true you cant please all the people all of the time. But I believe the intent of the BoDs is to please as many members as possible. I dont think suggesting a change in rally dates is a criticism of what has been but rather an opportunity to improve on what will be. While there are many factors that impact an event like a rally, the predetermined schedule date is probably the easiest to revise with the greatest potential for reward. I think most of us understand what is involved in selecting a location and venue and tend to be tolerant of those decisions. After all if you dont like the location you wont make the plans to attend. Whereas, many of us are less likely to ride in the hottest part of the year and therefore less likely to plan on attending. Its the total experience of the ride, camping, attractions and camaraderie that appeals to me. If the quality of any of that is jeopardized Ill find an event that has a better likelihood of meeting my criteria. I think it would be in all of our best interest to find a way to poll the membership regarding this issue. Perhaps a simple pre-addressed/stamped card in the BMWON that requires 30 seconds to fill out is the best means. Electing club officials requires much more time and effort than that and while not an excuse is probably the reason for the low response.

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    National Rally time line

    Granted a spring or fall time frame would be cooler than any July dates.

    However....there are a lot of other considerations to take into account. First, our event is now attracting approximately 7-000 to 8,000 attendees on a fairly consistent basis. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find venues with adequate on site facilities and off site lodging and ammenities. Such venues are often booked more than 5 years in advance, often with reoccuring annual events.

    Finding an open date is not easy. July dates are often easier to book because they are usually before the county fair circuit starts. July is also usually a time when the tourism industry is slower, meaning there are more motel rooms available at a lower price and more room at the local restaurants and other support services. The venue's rental prices are often cheaper in July than other times of the year. Many people have vacation time in the summer, some industries shut down during July, kids are out of school, and a host of other personal situations.

    We tried mid week dates at Rhinebeck in 99. The people travelling some distances to the Rally liked the idea of being able to travel on a weekend, doing the Rally midweek, and being able to travel home on the following weekend. Only needed to take one week's vacation time. Local people didn't really like the idea of having to take midweek vacation time to attend a Rally that they would not have had to take any vacation time at all if it had been on a traditional weeknd schedule. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    I could go on, but I think you get the idea that there is a lot more to consider than just the weather.

    It was hot in Rhinebeck, but the air conditioning in the buildings was nice. It was hot in Charleston, but the air conditioning felt nice in the Civic Center. It might be hot in Vermont, but the air conditioning in the buildings will feel nice. Air conditioning would have made Lima feel nicer as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Friedle
    Air conditioning would have made Lima feel nicer as well.
    I spent the hottest part of Friday in the Beer Garden, and felt quite comfortable...with my arms stuck in the coolers, and carrying bags of ice. Regardless, I thought Friday wasn't that hot, even sitting outside for the concert.

    On Saturday, I spent the day walking around, or riding to lunch, or sitting outside for the ceremony. Again, I didn't think it was all that hot.

    Now, muggy was a different story. But, luckily, I had a few beers and went to bed exhausted so my muggy tent didn't bother me much.

    Anyway, what I'm saying is 1) attitude is everything, and 2) being out of the sun was a plus, even without air conditioning.

    Geesh, it's amazing our ancestors survived.
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