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Thread: Givi top box aftermarket light kit for 2010 R1200RT ?

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    Givi top box aftermarket light kit for 2010 R1200RT ?

    I know the 1200RT`s have a canbuss system, but i`m woundering if there is a light kit that will work on the Givi top boxes. I know Givi makes a kit for there boxes , but heard bad things about the contact area not working all the time. I sent an email to addmore lights & never heard back so i figured i`d ask here.

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    Admore makes a kit for most Givi cases. They are listed on his website, with pictures and descriptions. The guy is not good at getting back to you via email though. I think he does this as a sideline job. The product is good though, and CAN bus compatible.

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    I have the AdMore lighting that I added to my 52 liter case. Took me about an hour to install and has worked well since 2009 and usually on the bike year round. Good addition that greatly adds road visibility.
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