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Thread: 92 K75S HLK-R hyperlites - need instructions

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    92 K75S HLK-R hyperlites - need instructions

    I'd like to resurrect the enhanced rear lights on my K75S. I think it is a Hyperlites product because the previous owner's material included a receipt for Hyperlites model HLK-R, early 2002. The unit shown below is wired so the original tail light and brake light stay on all the time, then two incandescent CM 321 bulbs are put in the open pockets of the lens and used as the new brake light. Hyper-lite tech support told me they have never sold incandescent lights so that does make me wonder.... Anyway....

    The wire colors coming from the flasher starting from the top are gray, brown, blue, green, green.

    The two "loose" wires between the gray and brown wires are brown and connnected to a ground connection at the former brake light.

    All three wires attached to the component (what is it?) on the lower left are blue. One goes to the flasher and the other two are not connected to anything.

    1) Does the gray wire feed the "new" brake lights and,
    2) are the green wires the "flashing loop" that could be reconnected to one another?

    Where do the two blue wires go? Does one go to the gr/y brake light wire from the bike (not shown)? Where do the two "loose" brown wires go? I figure they aren't just spare ground wires.

    Sorry for the long post and that I don't know how to draw on pictures. Hopefully someone will have some guidance to offer. Thanks for reading this far!
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    Run-N-Lites maybe?

    Not able to really picture just what you have in the supplied photo, but by any chance what you have is a set of original Run-n-Lites, as a wild guess?

    I could not locate a bulb type of CM321, but a CM921 which the 1st style of Run-n-Lite used.
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    Thanks for your help, Larry.

    I went to the run-n-lights website ( and found the bulbs and sockets I have, but not the components I suspect are related to flashing. Since I have the full run-n-lites kit plus some extra components I guess I don't have much to lose by a little trial and error wiring.

    Why there is a Hyper-Lites receipt in the previous owner's records will have to remain a mystery.

    And it's not a mystery why Hyper-Lite tech support didn't respond when I sent a picture including run-n-lites components.

    I've been thinking about an enhancement for the F8ST and I think Hyper-Lite will be the way to go.
    '92 K75S, '08 F800ST, '14 F700GS
    Cedar Falls, IA

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