I am planning a get together RTE next weekend. Some of us are camping the whole weekend, some are just going to meet for lunch. We are going to ride from the Young State Park in Boyne City to the Legs Inn. Here is the info.

OK, I just made my reservations at Young State Park. I am staying 2 nights Friday and Saturday the 13th and 14th. We will leave the park at 10am and ride approx. 90 miles up to Legs Inn for lunch.

For those that want to meet at the park and ride along, plan on meeting around 930 or so. For those that just want to ride to the LI on their own we'll see you for lunch at around noon.

If you want to camp I told them that we might have several in a group that want to camp close together, just mention my last name (Hogerheide) and they will group us together. The reservation number is 800-447-2757.

Please contact me with any questions,

If you want to call the # is 231-357-3416

See you then!!

All are welcome, I am posting in the BMWLT forum here. http://http://www.bmwlt.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=75378