My 95 R1100 GS with 115,000 happily traveled miles blew oil on to my left boot and shin yesterday. As soon as I noticed the leak (my toes slid of the shift lever) I had about 6 miles to go to home. It seems it was coming from the left valve cover when at highway speed. Glad I was close to home. Oil light never came on.
I have changed my valve cover gaskets before. After taking the covers off on both sides (time for a valve and rocker arms adjustment) I noticed both spark plug grommets were slightly torn and a small O ring on each valve cover was torn. I'm going to replace all the rubber. However I feel last time I did an adj the rubber was in the same condition and it didn't leak. (I know I should have replaced them but I was on a trip)
Could this possibly be another problem? The oil is not over filled.

I can't seem to find the tiny o rings that go on the thread end of the valve cover bolts on Max's micro fiche.

Also what do I do about stripped thread on the cylinder head? Can I tap it, or put an insert?

Thank you,