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Speed does not kill, stupidity does. I loved the reference to the German approach. That makes sense.

Of course police love speeding laws because they have nice equipment to effectively prove that a "crime" was committed.

The Parker study should be force fed every police jurisdiction. They actually believe that crap; some even keep up the mantra after they retire.

Why do the police ignore dangerous behaviors like testing, putting on makeup, eating food, disciplinign children, etc. and concentrate on speeding? Because it is easy. AND lucrative.
The German model does work. Go however fast you want, on some sections of the Autobahn, as long as you pay the $8/gal price for fuel. Per mile traveled, the cost increases with the speed...........producing more tax revenue per mile traveled.

Oh, and by the way, get the heck out of the way of the guy that has more money than you..... I've driven too long in the USA to believe that the typical American driver will ever yield to the guy in the fancier, more powerful vehicle overtaking them.