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Thread: Great Service from BMW dealer Motohio (Columbus, OH)

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    Thumbs up Great Service from BMW dealer Motohio (Columbus, OH)

    Just want to openly express my gratitude for the service recently provided by Motohio European Motorbikes.

    On the return leg of a 10-day trip, my R1200R ate its final drive in the eastern suburbs of Columbus, OH. I brought it in to Motohio the next morning (which fortunately was located only 200 yards from my motel!!!) After confirming the problem, they promptly ordered a replacement FD from BMW's warehouse in California. Amazingly, it arrived the next morning, and by 1:00 PM they had me on the road again, arriving in NJ that evening.

    Big thanks to Gary, Bob, and Kurt of Motohio for providing excellent service to a stranded rider.

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    Wow! That's what is known as customer service. Even though they knew you would probably never come back they treated you exceptionally well. Why can't this level of service be the norm?

    I hope everyone within range of this shop will take their business there.


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    I think this level of service is the norm.

    BMW has the VOR (vehicle off road) program that indeed provides next day delivery of parts. Again, it's a regular thing, not unusual.

    Lots of guys that post here apparently don't understand the concept that if a dealer disappoints ALL its customers, it's not going to remain in business. It's as simple as that and there are no conspiracies otherwise.

    Anyway, thanks for the positive post and reminding folks of what's normal and why we like BMWs.
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    Ponch1 ain't gonna be happy.
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