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Thread: Any Oilhead Expert Techs/Shop in SE Florida?

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    Any Oilhead Expert Techs/Shop in SE Florida?

    Considering buying a 2004 R1150RT with less than 15000 miles on it. Always wanted one of these so if I buy it, I'd like to keep it for awhile. Bike looks and sounds great but concerned that seller is the 3rd owner (a good guy). I'm no mechanic but feel pretty good about the purchase and would like to take it to a really experienced tech/shop to go over it extensively then add all new fluids, etc. Owner does have record of the 12K being done but with so few miles in 10 years I'd like a real pro to go over it closely and inspect the final drive too.

    Anyone know of a tech or shop that fits the bill? Anywhere from Jupiter to Miami works. Heard some good things about the shop in Boca---owner is an ex BMW tech.
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    Mike -

    This file - - was built specifically for Airheads, but some of the entries show service past the Airhead models. Check it out for Florida...see if it helps...or call someone on that list for further recommendations.
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